In celebration of International Coffee Day!

Sunday, 1st October, was International Coffee Day.  In honour of this humble bean, we made a delicious cake with coffee as the secret ingredient , and a fun craft with coffee filters!

coffee size1

Parents around the world rejoice with that first, or fifth, cup of coffee!  My day cannot start without one, even more so since becoming a parent.  Here are two activities we got up to on the weekend in celebration of International Coffee Day!

Peanut butter chocolate sheet cake

Oli and I made the most delicious, fudgy,  peanut butter chocolate sheet cake (from the phenomenal South African cookbook author, Alida Ryder) that uses coffee in both the cake batter, and icing.  The addition of coffee isn’t to give the cake a mocha flavour, but rather to enhance the chocolaty flavour – coffee and chocolate are a match made in heaven!

oli baking

For Alida’s recipe, check it out here, I promise you, it will not disappoint. This will be the cake you make over and over again, celebration or not, a new firm favourite of mine.




Coffee filter butterflies

Scrolling through Pinterest one day, I came across a fun craft for the kids that involved loads of fine motor skills – butterflies made out of coffee filters!  These were super easy and allowed the kids be as imaginative with shapes and colours as they wanted.


What you will need:

Pipe cleaners

Coloured kokis (sharpies)

Coffee filters (round preferable, although I couldn’t find any so used the cylindrical ones and cut them along the seams)

Wooden clothes pegs

Googly eyes

Craft glue

Black thin liner pen


Plastic tray or round baking tin


Spray bottle

How to make a coffee filter butterfly:

Colour your coffee filters, then place them onto a plastic tray or round baking tin.  With the water-filled spray bottle, mist the coloured coffee filters until the colours bleed (my kids thought this was pure magic!). Leave the filters to dry.  Glue the googly eyes onto the peg and twist the pipe cleaner around to make antennae and draw on a smile with the fine liner pen. Once the filter and the glue on the peg have dried, scrunch the filter in the middle and pinch open the peg over the middle to resemble a butterfly. VOILA!