Happy Birthday, my sweet Buggy!

How on earth is time flying by like this, on Saturday 4th April you’ll be F O U R?! I remember writing a post to you, my little poppet, this time last year, and it literally feels like yesterday. So much has changed in the last year, but so much has stayed the same (your feisty, pure zest for life and entertaining everyone, nothing makes you happier).

How many kids have their own baking series on a blog at the age of 3 (and now four)? You do. And you absolutely adore every bake you do, whilst asking for more. You relish those moments beside me in the kitchen, very often taking charge – just like you do with life. You know what you want, and you’ll get it – an admirable trait.

There’s nothing you love more than having your photo taken, or a video for that matter, and are constantly shouting “Mama, take a photo, take a photo”! My phone comes out, you pop your little hip, tilt your head, cross an ankle and give me your best ‘princess smile’ and you do it, over and over again, loving every minute, asking to see each shot. You’re a natural my Bugg, in fact, I’m considering signing you up with an actual agency, all while following your lead. You’ve done more photoshoots than I’ve done in my whole lifetime. If you ever decided you didn’t like the camera anymore, that would be that.

You love to entertain – to sing and dance, and you started ballet this year, finally, after months of asking. There couldn’t be a sweeter ballerina. Every night after your bath you ask me to put music videos on, so you can dance and sing for us (you might have got the dance moves from your brother) – and pretty soon, I’m sure I’ll be paying for these concerts you put on with such glee.

You’re pure magic, my Soph, every day with you is an adventure, and living life through your eyes and seeing the joy you bring to everyone you encounter is my greatest accomplishment. I love you endlessly my sweet girl, happy birthday for Saturday.

A special thank you to Laura from RosieBee and Anje from Madison & West Lifestyle for these precious images, that so perfectly capture my birthday girl’s charm.