Halloween 2017: Costume Inspiration

We celebrated Halloween in our community on Saturday evening. Temperatures that had been averaging on 27 degrees Celsius all week, suddenly dropped to a high of 10 degrees on the day, but the community still came out in full force to enjoy some good food, friends and fun – after all, Halloween only comes once a year!

Halloween isn’t widely celebrated in South Africa, certainly not to the level it is in America, but, as a family, we view it as a fun holiday and stay away from the dark side of it. We’ve baked, crafted, created, played, read and dressed according to the theme this month and the kids have had an absolute blast.

This year we decided to dress Oli up as one of his favourite things – a robot – and Sophie, as a little ghost. I designed t-shirts for Dyl, Buggy and I to wear – more of that later on.

Since the robot costume literally needed to be constructed, I left that up to Dyl – his strong suit. He used two different sized boxes, varioys spray paints, and black and silver tape to construct it. I had collected various lids to use as ears and a nose, and used an old quiche tray for the eyes with juice bottle lids! We printed and laminated his name, ‘OLI-BOT’, a dashboard, and some cogs which we stuck onto the body of the robot. We finished off his outfit with a robot long-sleeved tee and robot long johns for the chilly weather. As you can see in all the photos, Oli was SO chuffed with his costume that his Dad so lovingly made made for him! Good luck topping this next year my love!


I had seen a picture on Pinterest of Sophie’s doppelgänger dressed as a ghost – with the main component being a tutu, which is right down her alley. I bought a long white tutu from China World in Hillfox, along with some black felt sheets and a white bandana. Easy enough, except that I absolutely cannot stitch to save my life!  Enter Kiki – my sister, Sophie’s aunt.  Thank Heavens one of us got that gene, so she very kindly offered to make the ghost tutu. IMG_1898


The tutu was obviously meant for an adult, not a 2.5 year old, so she added on some white ribbon to tighten it at the waist and hemmed it so that she wouldn’t trip.  Soph’s nickname, if you hadn’t picked up already, is ‘Buggy’ – in fact even the kids and teachers at school call her this.  I designed a t-shirt for her that said ‘Buggy Boo’ on the back – how cute?  Buggy was definitely the sweetest little ghost I’ve ever seen, even if I am being a little bit biased!



Dyl and I decided to take the easy way out this year, and opted for themed t-shirts instead of full on costumes. I designed Halloween slogan tees to be printed through Natalie and Glynn (remember I used them here to do Oli’s shirt at his Magic Party?) – Dyl’s said ‘BOO yah’ and mine said ‘CREEPIN IT REAL’ – simple but effective, I thought!



Here’s a little roundup of some Halloween Costume inspiration for you – gathered from friends, family and blogger-friends around the world! What did you dress up as if you have already?

Letterland – Poor Peter Puppy – image courtesy of Roxy Wiesner


Mummy and Deady – image courtesy of Roxy Wiesner


Wendy and Tinkerbell – image courtesy of Sam Lopes

Wendy and Tinkerbelle

Princess Poppy & a Mommy & Daddy Out of Con-Troll – image courtesy of Sam Lopes


Troll Family

Two Pirates, a Witch and Minnie Mouse (Ras family Halloween 2016)

Dyl and Oli

Ras family Halloween 2016

Oli’s first time Trick or Treating – Dracula 2015


A Family of Flamingos – and a Daddy Chicken – images courtesy of Allie



Ostrich – image courtesy of Patience Charbonneau


Little Hunter and a Deer & Firefighting family – images courtesy of Kirby Arreola



Wilderness Explorer from the Pixar movie – UP! – images courtesy of Juli

Wilderness Explorer Costume

Wilderness Explorer 2

Superwoman, Superman and Catwoman – images courtesy of Ilze Johnston



I hope this post will inspire you for Halloween, this year, or next!  Have fun!


Feature image bought from Canva